/is the relief of feeling free/

  • This object was born through expressing the feeling of future happiness through grief. This feeling was realised by imagining possibilities. 

  • This object was an experience of recognising this place of grief as a point of exit from the physical and emotional pain whilst the memory of the loved one stays. Throughout this series, I have recognised different emotional states throughout an everyday experience of grieving and expressed them through images of body poses with sewn expressions of emotion. Each image in the series is a different emotion, born from a different image. These objects convey the emotion visually as well as intending to inflict the experience physically. The yellow object is worn on the front of the body and inflates with the wind in front of your face.

  • A huge yellow parachute holding onto your body, exaggerating the power of the wind and breath. This object is yet to be completed.

photoshoot credits 

  • Photographer: Tilly Johnson

  • Model: Nadire Gokmen 

  • Co-Directed by Gokmen and Johnson