/is the everyday weight of grief/

  • This object was born through expressing the heavy, weighted feeling of grief. As if you are operating every day with a weight on your head, never realising how freely you walked before. Free from the difficulty between wanting to be rested until the weight is gone and not wanting to miss out on anymore life. 

  • This object was an experience of recognising this place of grief. Throughout this series, I have recognised different emotional states throughout an everyday experience of grieving and expressed them through images of body poses with sewn expressions of emotion. Each image in the series is a different emotion, born from a different image. These objects convey the emotion visually as well as inflicting the emotion physically - if you wear the purple object for an extended period of time, the heaviness comes onto the back of the neck and head, forcing a discomforting pain. 

GoodGriefTillyPDF_Page_2 copy.jpg

photoshoot credits 

  • Photographer: Benjamin Meredith-Hardy / Instagram: @bm_hardy 

  • Model: Tilly Johnson 

  • Co-Directed by Hardy and Johnson