artist statement


Multi-media artist making wearables.

Traditional pieces of Jewellery using silver and glass. Modern wearables expressing an idea or feeling.

Delving into an exploration of restructured processes or narratives.  


This practice is motivated by socially engaged expressions; I have developed an interest in combining intimacy through inanimate object relationships. I express emotion and human connections as sources of inspiration. 

The sculptural objects are to prompt a feeling from the user.  


I have worked on a combination of jewellery and sculpture projects, both visually linked yet the concepts for each have been different. My interest in jewellery-making has offered me experience in means of making and funding in a creative industry, alongside practicing my studio work which has been a greater creative outlet through sculpture.


I aim to create a working studio practice that creates large scale interactive objects that express intimacy, either between inanimate objects or human-object relationships. 



IG: _sunnyroots